Lake Tahoe Snowmobiling

Lake Tahoe SnowmobilingYour Lake Tahoe snowmobiling adventure awaits! Explore the great outdoors and experience the natural beauty of Lake Tahoe as you speed through pristine mountain meadows and wind your way among snow-crusted pine trees. Lake Tahoe snowmobile tours are designed for all ages and abilities. North Lake Tahoe snowmobiling tours will lead you into Tahoe National Forest with over 200 miles of trails to explore, plus play areas and mountain summits with gorgeous views. South Lake Tahoe snowmobiling tours are your gateway to Lake Tahoe’s stunning back country and some beautiful summit trails. Snowmobiling in Lake Tahoe is a unique experience that you must experience to truly appreciate. Book your Lake Tahoe snowmobiling tour today!

North Lake Tahoe Snowmobiling

Coldstream Adventures Snowmobile Tours
Book a guided tour on groomed private trails, or take a back country tour with overnight lodging.

Lake Tahoe Snowmobile Tours Inc.
Discover the awe-inspiring landscape and enjoy the freedom of a backcountry adventure in the rugged Tahoe wilderness with Lake Tahoe Snowmobile Tours.

Sierra Adventures Snowmobile Tours
Specializes in catering to your wants and needs with point-to-point, full speed tours or slow-paced scenic rides with gorgeous views.

South Lake Tahoe Snowmobiling

Lake Tahoe Adventures
This is a “locals favorite” with trails leading into the gorgeous Hope Valley, and easy-to-operate snowmobiles for single or double riders.

Zephyr Cove Snowmobile Center
Take advantage of South Lake Tahoe’s only lake view snowmobile tours with tours designed for all ability levels.

Tahoe Snowmobiles 
Ride on perfectly groomed circle tracks at the Stateline or Lake Tahoe Golf Course location.


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