Visiting The Tahoe Maritime Museum

A few weeks ago on our way to Tahoe City our family decided to take a detour and pay a visit to The Tahoe Maritime Museum. Little did we know what a treat was in store for us and our five year old daughter. We walked away with a new found appreciation of Lake Tahoe’s maritime history and also the many volunteers and donators who are dedicated to preserving it.

Just the beauty of The Tahoe Maritime Museum from the outside would peak anyone’s curiosity. The exterior of the museum is reminiscent of an old boathouse that is filled with donated boats, antique propellers, period close, artifacts, materials and more. In May of 2008 The Tahoe Maritime Museum completed the 5,800 square foot museum that resides in Homewood, California next to Homewood ski resort. It’s evident there have been many dedicated people involved in preserving and presenting Lake Tahoe’s rich maritime history. View the image photo gallery below to get a full sense of the museum and the pieces that  make it so special.

For over an hour we wandered and read the stories behind the boats, car and antiques on display. Even our five your daughter was immediately draw into the hands-on activity area set aside for kids so they could better understand maritime history. She loved driving the model boat set up to mimic the experience of driving a boat on Lake Tahoe. I was amazed by the museum’s outboard motor collection, the Shanghai, Florence M II and the 1916 REO Speedwagon the pulled her over the mountains to get to Lake Tahoe.

I encourage you and your family to explore this years exhibit, In Tahoe Twenties: A Story of Boats, Booze & Business. “The Tahoe Maritime Museum examines the many interests, social forces, and developments of the 1920s through the lens of its maritime vessels.” Learn more about The Tahoe Maritime Museum, hours and exhibit. Then check out the many other North Lake Tahoe attractions and tours.


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