Tough Mudder Lake Tahoe – Back for a Second Round

Tough Mudder Lake TahoeTough Mudder is coming back to Northstar California Resort September 28-29, 2013. This is your chance if you missed it in July!

This popular “muddy” event is not only thrilling to watch, but has raised over $5 million dollars for the Wound Warrior Project. The slogan “Probably the Toughest Event on the Planet” describes this grueling 12-mile obstacle course. Designed by British Special Forces, the innovative course is test of strength, stamina, mental grit, and team camaraderie.

Spectators can watch participates go through a variety of obstacles, starting with the Braveheart Charge, which marks the start of every Tough Mudder obstacle course. The Arctic Enema requires participants to dive in a frigid ice water dumpster, and the Boa Constrictor is a series of pipes that must be crawled through despite the freezing mud and slippery slopes. Participants might be required to conquer a giant mountain of hale bales, a cargo net challenge called Devil’s Beard, a trench of kerosene soaked straw called the Fire Walker, or the balance, twist, and bend in the Log Bog Jog. Ultimately it is about overcoming the odds as participants complete each obstacle with pure will and determination.

Spectators of all ages are welcome and the ticket cost is only $20 (50% off!) if you buy ahead of time, or $40 if you buy the day of the event. Children 10 and under are free. Or, sign up as a volunteer and get in for free. Spectators are given a course map at the event which allows them to take special routes to each obstacle and avoid walking the entire 12-mile course. The Tough Mudder event isn’t completely serious though, participants and spectators are also asked to bring their sense of humor and get ready for the after party celebration with drinks, a live band, and a lot of celebrating!

Get more information about the Tough Mudder at Lake Tahoe then visit Northstar California Resort.


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