Rim Trail North

Incline Village, NV

Difficulty: Moderate
Elevation: Varies by route
Mileage (one way): 2 to 12 miles

Directions to Trailhead: Take Highway 50 east approximately 1/2 mile from the junction of Highway 50 and 28. Parking is located just beyond Spooner Summit along the north side of the highway.

Trail: Take the Tahoe Rim Trail north. Just before Snow Peak (Snow Valley Peak), the trail forks. The left fork leads you down steep switchbacks to the road to Marlette Lake. The right fork eventually leads you to Tunnel Creek Road. You can get additional information about the Tahoe Rim Trail from their web site: www.tahoerimtrail.org

Attractions and Considerations: This trail provides wonderful views of the Carson Valley as well as glimpses of Lake Tahoe along a forested trail.

Useful Map Information:USDA Forest Service map: Lake Tahoe Basin Mgnt. Unit: R.18 E. T. 14 N.
Other Trialheads : Marlette Lake: 5 miles / Tunnel Creek: 13 miles

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