North Lake Tahoe Cruises

While you are out enjoying the plethora of recreational activities in the North Lake Tahoe region, don’t forget to take advantage of one of the best ways to truly experience the lake itself. The deck of a sturdy vessel offers the ideal start to your journey. Lake Tahoe is one of the clearest and most spectacular lakes in the world. Boats like the Tahoe Gal enjoy a 360-degree view of the Sierra Nevada Mountains that surround this amazing jewel. Lake Tahoe cruises offer an awe-inspiring experience that will let you appreciate Lake Tahoe from a different perspective.

There are plenty of Tahoe cruises to choose from. Hop aboard and enjoy fantastic food, excellent service and a variety of excursions to choose from, such as specialty cruises, private charters, and weddings. The Tahoe Cruz is a comfortable sailing yacht with high-performance sailing capabilities. Tahoe Classic Boat Tours offers scenic excursions on their vintage vessels where every tour can be is customized in length and destination.

Whether you want to experience one of the Lake Tahoe dinner cruises, romantic sunset cruises, or day-time adventures, there are plenty of options to choose from. Every Lake Tahoe vacation is an adventure, so take advantage of enjoying Tahoe from the middle of it all. Also consider several South Lake Tahoe boat cruises on Tahoe’s South Shore. Charter your Lake Tahoe Cruise today and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Kingfish Guide Service has you fishing in style on their boat “The Kingfish,” which is a 43 foot cabin cruiser designated and constructed specifically for service on Lake Tahoe. The Kingfish is fully equipped to accommodate 40 passengers.... More Details

Cruise the crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe aboard one of Tahoe Classic Boat Tours vintage vessels. From their flagship 31 foot Hackercraft, a perfect reproduction of the renowned Hackers of the 1930s to their smaller vintage Chris Crafts and Gar Woods... More Details

Tahoe Sailing Charters invites you to discover the breathtaking beauty of Lake Tahoe seven days a week aboard their 50′ sailing yacht “Tahoe Cruz.” The boat combines roomy comfort with high performance sailing for an experience you will... More Details

Hop aboard and join the fun and romance North Lake Tahoe’s the Tahoe Gal. The Tahoe Gal departs from Tahoe City and offers four daily sightseeing cruises along the shores of North Lake Tahoe. Book one of their weekly events like the Sunday dinner... More Details