Kirkwood Sierra Outfitters

1501 Kirkwood Meadows Dr
Kirkwood, CA 95646

(209) 258-7433 Local

Kirkwood Sierra Outfitters, the original “Kirkwood Stables,” offers several horseback riding packages near Kirkwood Ski Resort. From South Lake Tahoe it is about a 30 minute drive to the resort. The beautiful scenery you see along the way makes the drive worth the drive. Bring the family and book the Red Cliffs Ride at Kirkwood where you will ride through Thunder Saddle and into the Mokelumne Wilderness to the top of Red Cliffs. Or you might book one of several day rides starting from beautiful Silver Lake like Hidden Lake/Granite Lake Loop, Mud Lake Loop, Pardoe Lake, and Beebe Lake/Cole Creek Lakes. Experience the pristine environment at one of these great high mountain lakes where the odds are you will have the lake all to yourselves. Come discover the high lakes of the amazing Sierra Mountains and take home memories that will last a lifetime.

Visit the other South Lake Tahoe horseback riding companies located near Tahoe’s south shore.

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