Lake Tahoe Pinterest Photos – Get Inspired

Need some inspiration to help plan your next Lake Tahoe vacation? Get inspired with gorgeous photos! Pinterest offers a treasure-trove of stunning Lake Tahoe photos, and we have even set up 20+ Pinterest boards dedicated to this amazing lake. Our Lake Tahoe Pinterest boards are chock-full of breath-taking photos of the lake, including all of the fun activities that it has to offer. Dream about the perfect Lake Tahoe vacation as you “Pin,” “Like” and “Share” some of the most stunning photos you will ever see. Use this large resource of Lake Tahoe Pinterest photos to give you ideas for... Read more »

Fallen Leaf Lake, California

Fallen Leaf Lake California

Summertime is magical at Fallen Leaf Lake, with its stunning views of Desolation Wilderness and Mt. Tallac, and its endless recreational opportunities. This is one of the secrets of the area, simply because it is not as well-known as Lake Tahoe and therefore tends to be less crowded. It can be found just one-mile south west of Lake Tahoe. Part of what makes this lake such a jewel is the fact that there has been little commercial development, allowing it to retain much of its natural state, including high water quality with water visibility at an amazing 40 to 50 feet! Fallen Leaf Lake Camping,... Read more »