Donner Lake, California

Donner Lake

Whether you prefer your fun in the summer sun or in the snow, look no further than Donner Lake for a perfect, year-round getaway. Located 11 miles Northwest of Lake Tahoe, Donner Lake isn’t far off the beaten path, but offers significant rewards to those willing to make the trek. From its breathtaking, panoramic views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and unique historical sites, to its superb trout fishing and close proximity to several legendary skiing destinations, Donner Lake has more than a little something to suit just about anyone’s tastes. Donner Lake History During the last ice... Read more »

Echo Lakes, California

Echo Lakes California

If you are in search of a truly peaceful escape, Echo Lakes is the perfect choice. It is an area known for its seclusion, serene mountain setting, and stunning natural scenery with granite rocks and tall mountains surrounding each lake. The Upper and Lower Echo Lakes are great places for boating, fishing, and enjoying a picnic lunch. Visitors also enjoy hiking the trails around the lake or heading off for bigger overnight adventures in Desolation Wilderness. Favorite wintertime activities include cross-country skiing, dog sledding, and playing in the snow. The Echo Lakes are located on the north... Read more »